Get Thrills and Chills When You Stay at This Historic Hotel in El Paso

by Cristal Gonalez

Established in 1922, the Gardner Hotel is a historic hotel in El Paso with many tales to tell. El Paso and Southwest history buffs can tell you that our city was not always known for being in the top 5 safest cities in the U.S.. El Paso has a rich history spanning both sides of the border that many people tend to overlook. For example, did you know that the first Thanksgiving was not at Plymouth in the 1600s? Spaniards had a Thanksgiving feast near what is now San Elizario in the late 1500s.

With the rich history that surrounds El Paso, it is no wonder why it would be a stop for a history buff who is travelling. What better way to enjoy a historical adventure than to stay at a historic hotel? While there are many choices in the area, the Gardner Hotel is one of the only hotels in downtown El Paso that has remained true to its historical roots. You get an unmistakable feeling of old world charm as soon as you walk into the building, and it stays with you throughout your visit as you admire the details that have been preserved for historical effect.

There is also always the chance that you might feel more than a feeling of a historic hotel. Since the Gardner Hotel has been continuously run since 1922, there are plenty of reasons to think some of its previous guests might still be around. Perhaps you will feel a chill up your spine, or a fleeting glance of a mysterious shadow.

Enjoy your journey into the past when you stay at the Gardner Hotel. Although we have gone through renovations and necessary upgrades, you will still enjoy the thrill of becoming a part of a small piece of a historic hotel in El Paso . For more information on the Gardner Hotel, call or visit us today!

311 E. Franklin Ave., El Paso TX 79901 | 915.532.3661

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