Why Choose an Old El Paso Hotel?

By Cristal Gonzalez

If you are an old building enthusiast, staying in an old El Paso hotel is going to be a fun experience. Historic hotels have significantly more character and charm than new and modern hotels, which can have a generic feel. Those who love old buildings may be especially enamored with the history that an old hotel can provide, and may spend their time in the hotel imagining all of the exciting things that have gone on there in days gone by.

Oldest Continually Run Hotel

When you want to stay in an old El Paso hotel, the Gardner Hotel is really the best choice. The Gardner Hotel is the oldest continually operating hotel in the entire city of El Paso.  While updates and upgrades have been made to help the hotel be comfortable for guests today, the hotel still retains its original marble staircase and much of the antique furniture and old-world details.  

Be in the Company of Famous Guests

The Gardner Hotel is more than just another old El Paso hotel.  It is also a place where many famous and well-known figures throughout history have spent their nights. For example, one of the most notorious gangster’s in the 1930’s, John Dillinger, stayed in a room in the Gardner Hotel just before he was captured in Tucson Arizona.

When you stay at the Gardner Hotel, you will not be inconvenienced by staying at an old El Paso hotel.  Our historic hotel is near downtown and is close to the clubs, pubs, and cafes that surround the University of Texas at El Paso.  This means that when you get tired of reveling in the history of the hotel, you can spend your time enjoying all that El Paso has to offer.

To learn more about our old El Paso hotel and to book an affordable room in a historic location, call the Gardner Hotel today.

311 East Franklin Avenue, El Paso TX 79901 |  915.532.3661

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