Haunted Pub Crawl of El Paso with Ghosts915

MAY 12th 2017! Haunted Pub Crawl of El Paso with Ghosts915

Haunted Pub Crawl of El Paso with Ghosts915

Haunted Pub Crawl of El Paso with Ghosts915

Here’s what you can’t miss at our El Paso Haunted Pub Crawl…
12th May – 8-11pm

History, Legends, and Lore of Downtown El Paso continue with a new paranormal adventure.

The Gardner Hotel along with #Ghosts915 present the Haunted Pub Crawl. May 12th 8pm to 11pm. Meet at Gardner Hotel 311 E Franklin Ave.

Raise a glass as we “toast a ghost” during this 3 hour walking adventure. You’ll hear true stories of ghostly and eerie tales of love, murder, mayhem, and a whole lot of humor.

You will enter 8 1/2, The ToolBox, Craft and Social, The Speakeasy and other surprise locations.

All guests must be 21 years or older, have a valid photo ID and sign our liability waiver and release form before the start of the tour.

Guests who are staying at The Gardner Hotel pay $15 per person. Make your room reservations at http://www.gardnerhotel.com/

Guests who would like to attend the tour only pay $20 per person.

Prepaid Reservations are required. Use the Ticket link above to pay.

For more information contact call 915-274-9531

Ghosts915 Haunted Pub Crawl. Spirits Guaranteed!


Haunted Pub Crawl by #Ghosts915 FAQs

Are drinks included in the Haunted Pub Crawl?
No, drinks are not included in the ticket price. However, many of the locations we visit will offer drink specials to our guests.

How many places do you visit on the Haunted Pub Crawl?
It will vary the night of the tour but we can say at least 4 locations.

What is “Toast a Ghost”?
During the tour, we will talk about the ghosts that haunt the locations and raise a glass them.

Someone in our group is under 21. Can they still come to the tour?
Unfortunately, no. The locations we visit are 21 and over only. No exceptions.

How can I reserve a room at The Gardner Hotel?
Visit their website at http://www.gardnerhotel.com/

Can I book a private Haunted Pub Crawl El Paso?
Of course, call 915-274-9531 or email help@ghosts915.com

Book your Haunted Pub Crawl El Paso here!
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