Famous Gardner Hotel Resident Cormac McCarthy

Find out about another of our famous guests here at Gardner Hotel, as resident Cormac McCarthy was one of our long term resident guests! He checked in with us here in El Paso, Texas.

Along with the notorious gangster guest John Dillinger, who has much memorabilia in our lobby, there is another great American guests who checked in here at Gardner Hotel. American novelist Cormac McCarthy lived here at the hotel. 

Born in the 1930s, he wrote several books while living in El Paso, and found the city to be inspirational to his writing. He is the famous author that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 and several of his books have been made into movies. Some of Cormac’s more famous books include No Country For Old Men (which was made into the multi-Oscar winning movie with Tommie Lee Jones and Javier Bardem), The Road, All the Pretty Horses, and tohers.  He is also the winner of four Academy Awards for his stories.

Cormac lived at the Gardner Hotel over the years writing his books and mentions Gardner Hotel several times in them.  He spent over 20 years in El Paso, having lived previously on the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. Come and see how the history of the Gardner will inspire you!

Find out more about Cormac McCarthy here.

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