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May - 28 2013

Staying in a hotel is part of a mobile professionals way of life. Having your mobile gear stolen while staying in a hotel, is not an event you’d like to have happen. Protect yourself and your mobile gear with these steps to ensure safety. You are responsible for your mobile gear at all times – even when you aren’t with it. Stay safe when traveling and don’t become a victim of crime.




1. Room Selection

When given a choice about which room you’d like to stay in, or you are booking online: choose a room which is in or near the main building, choose a room which faces inward towards the lobby or other rooms – avoid isolated areas, stay near a fire exit, stay away from areas where people may gather – vending machines, stairwells or basements.

2. Room Security

Check all the window, patio door and entrance doors to ensure that they lock properly and there are no defects with any latches. Don’t try to fix anything yourself but advise the front desk and if need be, change rooms.

3. Crowd Safety

Be careful with all your baggage especially your mobile gear when in any crowd. If someone seems to be paying special attention to yourself or your baggage, report them to Security. Try not to use your mobile gear in crowded areas unless you have no choice. In those cases, don’t bring all your gear with you, only what you need to work.

4. Keep Your Mobile Gear Secure

When in your room and working, close the drapes if you have rooms that face yours. Why advertise what you have with you? Ensure that your laptop case has a lock and use it. When you leave your room and won’t need your mobile gear – don’t leave it out in the open. Pack it up and lock it. Place the laptop case somewhere out of sight. Make sure to lock your door and put up the Do Not Disturb sign. You can even leave a light on so that it looks like the room is occupied.





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Brianna says:

Great tips for staying in a hotel. Thanks

Jayden says:

Good advice for staying in hotels…will definitely try this.

Benjamin says:

Nice safety tips! *Must read*