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Why Find Lodging in Downtown El Paso?

Mar - 11 2015


For those looking to take small trips to Mexico, finding lodging in downtown El Paso will offer the perfect opportunity to stay somewhere fun, affordable and that allows them to easily cross the border. However, finding lodging in downtown El Paso can offer many benefits other than the ability to head into Mexico. Click here […]

Lodging in Downtown El Paso

Dec - 15 2014


The downtown area is known as the heart of every city and finding lodging in downtown El Paso is a great option if you want to stay where the action is. Click here to read more:

Hotels Near Downtown El Paso

Aug - 06 2014


The city of El Paso is a great place to spend your next vacation. There are not many cities where you get to experience two different cultures at the same time. And probably one of the best places to experience this dual culture environment is by staying at a hotel near downtown El Paso. For […]