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Hotels near Downtown El Paso: Convenience & History

Jun - 16 2015


There are many hotels near downtown El Paso, yet none of them can boast that they are the oldest, continuously operated hotel in the Sun City. That bragging right belongs to the Gardner Hotel, proudly serving travelers since the 1920s. Visitors from Mexico have long enjoyed the historical comfort of our lodgings, being close to […]

Looking for Hotels Near Downtown El Paso?

May - 05 2015


Staying in hotels near downtown El Paso on your vacation is going to make your trip much more fun. There is a lot of stuff to do in the downtown El Paso area. There is abundant shopping in off-beat local stores, delicious food to eat in restaurants of all cuisines and flavors (especially Mexican) and […]

Hotels Near Downtown El Paso: Stay in the Middle of the Action

Feb - 17 2015


Want to get a real taste of the Sun City and looking for hotels near downtown El Paso? Visit Gardner Hotel – a historic monument and destination for tourists near and far. A stay at Gardner Hotel grants you the genuine experience that allows you to explore everything else that El Paso has to offer […]

Hotels Near Downtown El Paso

Aug - 06 2014


The city of El Paso is a great place to spend your next vacation. There are not many cities where you get to experience two different cultures at the same time. And probably one of the best places to experience this dual culture environment is by staying at a hotel near downtown El Paso. For […]