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A Downtown El Paso Hostel Offers a New Perspective

Jul - 22 2015


If you have just arrived in the Sun City looking for a place to stay, a downtown El Paso hostel is a great choice for you. You have just gotten out of high school, and because you are so young, you are still trying to find your place in the world. You want to explore […]

On a Budget? Stay at a Hostel in El Paso

Apr - 21 2015


Someone looking to stay in the area without spending a ton of money may be surprised to find that they have the opportunity to stay at a hostel in El Paso. Throughout the state of Texas, there are not a lot of hostels. Approximately 10 different hostels are found in various locations throughout Texas. Click here […]

Love Your Stay at a Downtown El Paso Hostel

Mar - 03 2015


A downtown El Paso hostel can offer a very simple way for people to stay in El Paso.  A hostel is basically a room that people can share which can offer an experience that is unlike anything they will ever experience in a typical hotel room. Click here to read more:  

Staying at a Hotel vs. a Hostel in El Paso

Feb - 10 2015


If you have visited the city of El Paso, then you know about the various hotels that located all over the city. But what you probably did not know was that there is actually a hostel in El Paso located in the heart of downtown. Click here to read more:  

Looking for a Hotel or Hostel in El Paso?

Dec - 31 2014


When you need a vacation, you’ll feel the burning desire to book a ticket and escape will become unavoidable. Sometimes, it can be just as fun to backpack and take the more economic route in staying at a hostel rather than a hotel. While there are many hotels, there are not so many hostels in […]

Enjoy a Safe Stay at a Hostel in El Paso

Nov - 18 2014


Rugged travelling does not mean that you have to sleep on the couch or floor of some stranger’s house. There are safer ways to travel on a budget and staying in a hostel El Paso has to offer right in the heart of downtown is a great alternative. Click here to read more:  

A Piece of Downtown, El Paso History

Jun - 04 2014


Historical Downtown El Paso Hotel The Gardner Hotel is a unique and enchanting place full of history and class. It has been a functioning downtown El Paso hotel since 1922, built by Preston E. Gardner, who was a lawyer and oilman from Missouri. Originally intended to be 5 stories high, the construction was stopped when […]