Staying in a Hotel with a Baby | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

May - 21 2013



Before your stay

Reserve the big room!  I know it probably costs a bit more, but we found that having a bigger room was a life saver.  We asked for a King Study (title probably varies from hotel to hotel), which got us a King size bed and a couch/chair area.  Baby boy’s pack n’ play fit nicely somewhere in the extra 8 feet or so.  That way he wasn’t on top of us when we were all sleeping (we are used to sleeping in separate rooms).

Pack a bag essential for the room.  If you are on a long trip, with a short stop on the way in a hotel, pack a carry-on that has enough clothes, toiletries, etc. for one night.  It saves lugging the big suitcase up to the room!

Ask for a refrigerator.  Many rooms do not have one, but the desk will bring one to you if you ask ahead of time.

During your stay

Ask for more towels.  I don’t know what happened but we were always running out of towels and washcloths.  I guess there was always something wet to dry up!

Use a noise machine or phone app.  There are lots of weird noises at hotels, and everyone knows that waking the baby is the last thing you want to do.  I use the relax and sleep app on my cell phone for “white noise”.  That way baby boy won’t hear the hallway noises.

Hang the do-not-disturb sign.  Don’t forget!  ”Maid Service” is not what you want waking up your baby from an important morning nap!

Bring a baby monitor.  When you have only one room in a hotel, there isn’t much to do after 8:00 (or whenever baby’s bed time is) except go down to the lobby.  If your monitor’s signal reaches all the way down there, at least you can hang out and talk in a voice other than a whisper.

Things to do in the hotel lobby:

  • go swimming
  • play cards
  • guess the life details of other guests
  • watch TV on your tablet
  • fill up on complimentary coffee
  • As you check out

Ask for a late check out.  Many hotels if you ask far enough in advance will give you a check out of 1:00ish.  That was perfect because then baby boy could get a good morning nap in (because he often missed his afternoon nap in the car) and be well rested.  Happy baby = happy parents.



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