Stay at Gardner Hotel When Visiting El Paso,TX

Dec - 14 2013

Unlike other cities in Texas with bright lights, El Paso boats a different feel. It’s located in the state’s western corner along the gleaming shores of the Rio Grande.
There are thousands who flock El Paso for business and Leisure each year. It’s indeed a true mishmash of American and Mexican culture.

While in El Paso, there are all sorts of hotels that are more than willing to provide you a place to stay. But even with all these options, Gardner hotel stands tall from the pack.
Come stay at Gardner Hotel when visiting El Paso and enjoy the open air markets, real Mexican cuisine and a taste of Mexican culture.

Gardner hotel offers all the services that all top-notch hotels offer. The rooms still have their original antique furniture, with the exception of a few essential upgrades, to give you a little feel of its rich history.

Gardner hotel caters for every guest by offering rooms tailored to their varying needs. All the rooms are kept to the highest contemporary standards. Moreover, there’s also an international hostel with up to 4 bunk beds for every room and a shared bath.

Some of the amenities available include a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. There is also a hot wash laundry available. Besides, guest can play a game of pool in the common room. All rooms have access to cable TV, high speed internet and exchange library.

If you’re looking for a fine hotel in El Paso with good rates then you have come to the right place! Enjoy your stay at Gardner Hotel when visiting El Paso. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave El Paso, TX 79901. Our phone number is 915.532.3661

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