Why Stay in Downtown El Paso?

Apr - 16 2014

These days a lot of people are traveling to El Paso. And with many people traveling to the city, that means they are looking for a hotel in downtown El Paso to stay. And why not, it is central to the rest of the city and is quickly becoming a place to do a lot of things. But there is one hotel that stands out from the others in the area.

The Gardner Hotel is the oldest running hotel within the city. It is unique in style because of its history. But it is also unique because of the amenities it offers to its guests. The hotel is also a hostel.
A hostel is an area/room that is shared among travelers. Usually these hostels can hold about four people in that bedroom shared area. The bath areas are also shared among the guests. Essentially think a college dormitory; that is what a hostel is like.

The hostel that the Gardner Hotel offers is meant for young and international travelers. Half of the occupancy is reserved for this purpose. Any male travelers who decide to stay at the hostel occupy the second floor, whole women travelers are on the third floor.

So if you are considering a stay in the area, consider this hote/hostel. It is only hostel in the city and one of the ten in the state of Texas.

If you would like to know more about a hotel in downtown El Paso, contact us here at the Gardner Hotel. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave. Our phone number is 915.532.3661.

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