A Comfortable Stay at Hotels in Downtown El Paso

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historic-downtown-el-paso-hotleIf you are exploratory and love to explore new and happening destinations then El Paso can be a right choice. With the mixture of history, different cultures, a variety of activities to do, a great place to spend a few days, El Paso could be your next holiday destination. It’s a treat for all travel enthusiasts to experience El Paso.

It is holiday season now, a whole lot of activities and carnivals take about every place. What better place to be than in the downtown of El Paso. No doubt it will be the center of all the major events that will be taking place. Staying in a downtown hotel will help you more to sight the enjoyment and catch the carnival glimpse up close and accurate.

Staying in a downtown hotel is like being in the midst of the center of all performances. While Christmas, the big Christmas tree, and the countdown for New Year, all the crazy events is organized here. So you wouldn’t miss any of it. There are a lot of hotels at downtown. Because of its major location prices may be slightly higher in comparison to the hotels that are situated a little far from the crowd. But it’s quite a deal as you can watch every buzz from your room’s window itself.

Downtown hotel range starts from high class to medium to low range budget hotels. When in a budget hotel you might not get praising services but if you are in the medium range or high end hotels, a whole lot of services await you. The receptions and stewards are really helpful and could even suggest you many needful things that one should know when in El Paso.

From the most common services and facilities that consist are- daily laundry services, telephones in every room, cable TV, internet, bottle of drinking water, complimentary tea or breakfast, car services. A full day sightseeing trip is also arranged upon special request. Their experienced guidance will help in knowing El Paso and its surroundings in a little better way.
From historically important hotels to some new modern ones, El Paso has a lot in store. If an old historic charm and countless activities interest you, then don’t think twice, come to El Paso to experience something new.

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A Glimpse of History at El Paso hotels

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historic-hotel-el-pasoDo you like historical places? Galas, parades and events are too loud for your ears? Do you want to visit a place that is historically rich? If your answer is yes, then El Paso is a right choice for you. With its unique location on the borders of America and Mexico, El Paso is enriched with lots of heritage and it is also historically important.

El Paso has a lot of history in store for its visitors; it was the place to be visited by Europeans. Even the first thanksgiving of America was held here. El Paso is counted among the oldest communities in USA. To get a feel of old historic charm you might book a hotel that has witnessed history itself. Among such historic hotels, many of them treasure much valuable age old furniture, which are now antiques.

Being a major historic hotel, a lot of historic elements are found here like one of them is home to the oldest telephone board in the city. A lot has happened in these hotels, from changes of owners to fire breakouts. It has been the center of many dramatic events as well. Finally after restoration of damaged parts, it continues to hold that old beauty in it.

Apart from elegant looks and historic ambiance these kind of historic hotel offers a lot of great services that are noteworthy. The guests are greeted warmly; the hospitality of the workers is truly commendable. Other than the common services of laundry, butler, cable TV, internet, some exquisite services that one gets here are- game parlor with old antique pool tables, beautiful dining lounges that caters to your taste buds serving mouth-watering dishes, spa and relaxing centers, and much more.

The rooms are divided into different categories, from single rooms to double or family rooms. You can even book dormitory if you have a large family. Suites are also available. If your budget is low, opt for hostel facility. Here a bed will cost comparatively low.

Although if you want a bit of entertainment too, visit San Jacinto plaza. Famous parades, laser light shows, music concerts are held here, and thus the quota of entertainment is fulfilled too. Thus to get an amount both history and present fun come to El Paso.

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Find a Nice Stay at a Hotel in El Paso

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the-gardner-hotel-el-paso-txThe carnival season is knocking at your doorsteps, declaring the approaching holidays. Haven’t you yet decided where is your next holiday going to be? Well if you really haven’t, then this article will surely help to choose one such. You have been too many kinds of trips, from mountains to sea, to desert and wildlife safaris; it’s time to do something different. What about a full cowboy style holiday tip?

Yes, you guessed it right; El Paso is the place we are talking about. Located on the borders of America and Mexico, get the feel of the cultures of both the countries at one’s price. A historic place, El Paso has been grounds for many historical activities. Thus one wouldn’t even find out how time will fly listening and admiring the interesting stories of this beautiful place. When in El Paso you wouldn’t worry about finding a place to stay, because there are many hotels in El Paso to offering nice and comfortable stay with your family or friends. Find hotels of different types suitable for different budget options. From 5 star to as low as dormitories, hotels with history weaved in it, modern hotel, etc.Some of the hotels have a blend of USA-Mexican influences which are visible. Hotels have their own restaurant serving both Mexican and American delicacies.

In a hotel in El Paso, one wouldn’t complain about its services and facilities. In the mid range hotel you will get as much a facilities that one would think of. Some of the common features that a hotel posses are:

  • Hot wash laundry
  • Pool table and gaming room
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • On demand coffee
  • Air conditioning

When you are in a hotel in El Paso, you find yourself in the midst of entertainment arena. In the nearby open market, people can get delicious food, musicians playing on the street corners, shops selling cowboy hats. People are always in an enjoying mood, you too are sure to have a gala time.

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Stay at Gardner Hotel When Visiting El Paso,TX

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Unlike other cities in Texas with bright lights, El Paso boats a different feel. It’s located in the state’s western corner along the gleaming shores of the Rio Grande.
There are thousands who flock El Paso for business and Leisure each year. It’s indeed a true mishmash of American and Mexican culture.

While in El Paso, there are all sorts of hotels that are more than willing to provide you a place to stay. But even with all these options, Gardner hotel stands tall from the pack.
Come stay at Gardner Hotel when visiting El Paso and enjoy the open air markets, real Mexican cuisine and a taste of Mexican culture.

Gardner hotel offers all the services that all top-notch hotels offer. The rooms still have their original antique furniture, with the exception of a few essential upgrades, to give you a little feel of its rich history.

Gardner hotel caters for every guest by offering rooms tailored to their varying needs. All the rooms are kept to the highest contemporary standards. Moreover, there’s also an international hostel with up to 4 bunk beds for every room and a shared bath.

Some of the amenities available include a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. There is also a hot wash laundry available. Besides, guest can play a game of pool in the common room. All rooms have access to cable TV, high speed internet and exchange library.

If you’re looking for a fine hotel in El Paso with good rates then you have come to the right place! Enjoy your stay at Gardner Hotel when visiting El Paso. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave El Paso, TX 79901. Our phone number is 915.532.3661

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Staying at a Hotel in Downtown El Paso

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room2Today, downtown El Paso has grown to become the city’s center of economy and a thriving urban population.

Money is an important issue to every traveler. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on anything, for instance your accommodation. Some factors such as convenience, safety and access to tourism sites should also be considered.
Downtown El Paso offers the best of El Paso’s music and dance festivals, sports events, arts and culture.

Gardner hotel has high-end facilities available at your disposal. There is no cause to worry about anything while staying at the Gardner Hotel. Each room is connected to cable TV and all beddings feature vivid patterns with wood furnishings.
At Gardner Hotel, comfort of our visitors is our major objective. After a hard day’s work, the last thing you want is a little cramped room and hard bed to sleep in. Our hotel has spacious rooms and comfortable beds to help you let the steam off.
Other top-notch amenities are just a stone throw away. Some of these are restaurants and cafes, business area, gyms and wellness centers amongst others.

The pleasures of staying at a hotel in downtown El Paso is that you are near to just about everything. The Gardner Hotel is strategically located to the major attractions in El Paso. For instance, you can hike the Franklin Mountains that are right in the city.

The Gardner Hotel is also close to the airport. American Airlines Arena is a 7-minute walk from the hotel. Guests are a 10-minute drive from the shores of Miami Beach and the Lincoln Road Mall.
If you want to experience the pleasures of staying at a hotel in downtown El Paso, the Gardner Hotel is your best choice.

If you would like to know more about the pleasures in staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso, TX or would like to make a reservation, contact us here at the Gardner Hotel. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave. Our phone number is 915.532.3661.

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The Pleasures in Staying in a Hotel in Downtown El Paso

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The holiday season is here in the Sun City and that means there will be plenty of events going on throughout town. A majority of the events will be happening in the downtown area. If visiting, staying in the downtown area is perfect for you. In addition, there are many other pleasures in staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso.

One of the pleasures in staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso is catching the Christmas tree lighting and celebration of lights parade. The historic San Jacinto Plaza plays host to this parade that features many lighted displays, music and entertainment for the entire family. Throughout the holiday season, the plaza is lit up with hundreds of lights for the festive season. But the pleasures in staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso doesn’t stop with the holiday season.

Staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso means you will be in the heart of the arts and culture district. There are several museums and entertainment venues to take in (El Paso Museum of Art, Plaza Theatre, Abraham Chavez Theatre and El Paso Museum of History). Countless numbers of music artists, plays, shows and art events take place throughout the year, meaning you will have something to see just about every night of the year.

One of the last pleasures we would like to note is that you get a unique experience by staying in hotel in downtown El Paso is like no other. With the city being on the U.S.-Mexico border, you get to experience two cultures at once. Many cities can say they experience the same thing but the El Paso-Juarez connection is a unique one. One city can influence another through their traditions, foods and way of life.
If you would like to know more about the pleasures in staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso or would like to make a reservation, contact us here at the Gardner Hotel. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave. Our phone number is 915.532.3661.

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Stay at the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso, TX

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to our little corner of Texas. Downtown El Paso is definitely the key destination for commerce, culture and tourism in West Texas. This part of city contains some of the city’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods.

When in El Paso, Stay at the Gardner Hotel in downtown El Paso for a great experience.

The hotel is situated close to the port of Miami and the Bayside Marketplace and Bayfront Park. Guests have access to various amenities like a fitness center and free property-wide Wi-Fi.

The Gardner Hotel is situated midway between the nightlife of downtown Juarez, Mexico and the pubs, cafes and clubs that encircle the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). All areas of the city are easily accessible by public bus as the main terminal is only 2 blocks away.

Downtown El Paso has many historic sites and landmarks mostly in the Sunset Heights district. It is close to the El Paso International Airport, the international border, and Fort Bliss.

While staying at Gardner Hotel in downtown El Paso, you have the opportunity to experience walking tours of Downtown to get a feel of the city’s rich old history. Experience the Zoo, and nature hikes through the four Texas State Parks located near El Paso.

Your search for a clean, convenient, safe, friendly and fun hotel in El Paso is over! Travelers from around the world stay at Gardner Hotel while in El Paso.

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El Paso’s Hotel and Hostel in Downtown

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hotel in el pasoIt is El Paso’s oldest operating hotel in the city. It opened back in 1922 by lawyer Preston E. Gardner and has been run by a handful of owners, including being handed down family lies. There is some history that goes with it as well. Banker robber John Dillinger stayed at the hotel back in 1934, who was eventually arrested a couple days after his stay in Tucson.

The hotel also operates as a hostel, the only in the city and one of six in the state of Texas. It was rated in 1996 by American Youth Hostels as the best in the country, according to their website. It once operated as retirement home for 20 years. It’s also home to oldest public phone in the area, which hangs on one of its walls. It was originally supposed to be a five story hotel with 100 guestrooms, but costs forced the owner to stop at three floors.

Two words to describe this hotel near San Jacinto Plaza, history and uniqueness.

The Gardner Hotel, located at 311 East Franklin Avenue, is within blocks of countless of activities to do in downtown El Paso.

The current owner, Joe Nebhan who received the hotel from his father John, has redone the hotel to match its original roots. The front desk resembles a feel of the 1920s. Skylights in the hotel are now uncovered and windows have been replaced with stained glass. Even a telephone switchboard from the 1930s is now on display in the lobby of the hotel.

It’s safe to say that the Gardner hotel certainly is your ordinary hotel here in El Paso.

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Gardner Hotel near Downtown El Paso

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The Gardner Hotel is located in an expanding area of the city…downtown El Paso. Back in 2000, the city had a population over 550,000. Fast forward about 13 years; the population is starting to get within reaching distance of 700,000. And with the population growing that much over a decade, the city is making an emphasis to bring more people and tourists to the downtown area.

This past year, construction started on the baseball stadium that will be the new home of the San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate. Union Plaza, just down the street from the stadium is home to a couple of shops, restaurants and emerging nightlife of the city.

Events are being put on throughout the year at the museums and in the convention center district. Chalk the Block, Last Thursdays, Alfresco Fridays and the Downtown Arts & Farmers Market are mainstays in the area. The Plaza Classic brings thousands of filmmakers, actors and movie enthusiasts to the area in early August.

And with the holidays coming up, downtown El Paso is a popular place to catch the annual parade of lights and the Christmas tree at San Jacinto Plaza.

In addition to these happenings in the area, plenty of restaurants are located throughout the region that is making this area of the city a popular place for tourists.

Kipps Cheesesteak, Lucy’s Restaurant and House of Pizza Downtown are a couple of notable places to grab a bite to eat.

Earlier this year, the city revealed the message ‘El Paso. It’s all good.’ It’s really not a slogan or tag that the city is trying to make but a reminder that with the happenings and emerging state of the community, that the city indeed is moving in the right direction.


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History and Culture!

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Near the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso are many places to visit that are in walking distance.  Below are some interesting places to visit that may spark your interest while staying at our hotel.

#GardenHotel#El Paso#History#Culture#Visit#CafeCentral

#GardenHotel#El Paso#Culture#Visit#CafeCentral

The El Paso Holocaust Museum

-Visitors will travel back in time to the Holocaust event through many multimedia and will be presented with a gallery of El Paso’s Holocaust survivors. The museum also has year round guest speakers, educational workshops, and their library is always open. Everything is presented in English and Spanish.  The museum does not charge admission but welcomes donations.

El Paso Museum of Art

-The museum offers different forms of art such as paintings and sculptures. The museum is continuously presenting exhibitions, guest speakers, special events, workshops, art classes and many other activities. The visitors also have the option to schedule a tour.

El Paso Museum of History

-Come and explore the history of El Paso through various indoor and outdoor activities, galleries, arts & crafts workshops, and more. The museum takes you through a tour of the Mexican heritage, The Missions in El Paso, The Neighborhoods and Shared Memories, and the multicultural community El Paso has begun as a border region. The admission is free but for special exhibitions entry fees are required.

Abraham Chavez Theater

-The theater hosts most of the El Paso major concerts, plays and organizations. For example, the theater hosts the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, El Paso Community Concert Association and El Paso Opera Company. The theater is easy to identify due to its distinguishing shape of a sombrero.

Café Central

- At Café Central, the customer can enjoy a nice evening at an elegant restaurant where customer service is beyond the norm.  At this restaurant you will experience the finest culinary recipes.

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