The Old Downtown El Paso Hotel

Mar - 25 2014

One of the charms of the city of El Paso, TX is that people visiting have the opportunity to stay in one of the old historic hotels in El Paso.downtown el paso hotel

Staying in one of these hotels not only shows off the uniqueness of the city but the history as well. It gives people a brief example of what the culture was like many decades ago and how it has evolved to today here in the Sun City.

For those who have had the opportunity to stay in this city, they know that El Paso is very different than any other city in the country. It has a blend of many cultures in one area. Mexico is located directly to the south of the city, bringing a splash of the Mexican culture to the city. And with a military base being located near the city, you can be sure to find many more different cultures from all over the world.

And all of that combined with what the city of El Paso is about in general, forms into an old historical hotel in El Paso.

So why bother staying in a regular hotel in town and visit a museum when you have a chance to stay at a hotel where you get a two for one special, a history lesson and place to stay. If you would like to know more about the old historic hotel of El Paso, contact us here at the Gardner Hotel. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave. Our phone number is 915.532.3661.

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