The Difference Between a Hostel and a Hotel El Paso, Tx

Feb - 21 2013

Many times when one is making their travel accommodations they find themselves asking the question what exactly is the difference between a hostel and a hotel. Indeed, this can often be confusing for someone who is not familiar with the concept of a hostel. There is, however significant differences between these two types of travel accommodations.

A hostel is like a small communal living inn. Generally these are reserved for those who are traveling on a budget. Hostels are favored among young people especially when traveling overseas, as they afford the opportunity to save money and at the same time experience local culture and meet other people who are from different places.

A hotel is a more established and has a more together and proper environment. Rooms are often well-appointed and private, dining options are abundant and offer a wide selection, facilities are professionally maintained an immaculate. A hotel provides a level of sophistication and comfort that is appropriate for travelers who are more established.

Hostels on the other hand are perfect for those who are interested in traveling for the adventure of seeing new and exciting places without getting caught up so much in where they’re staying than rather what they’re going to do while they’re saying there. Hostels are a favorite among young people were traveling with friends, or for those who have hit the open road seeking out the next adventure that their journey takes them on. Hostels generally charge a much smaller amount for their accommodations and usually include very limited additional services. Mostly, hostels provide accommodations in communal living environments similar to dormitories. These dormitories are most often separated by gender and house anywhere from 6 to 10 people in one space using lockers and bunk beds. Generally they are individually owned places with a unique attitude that is indicative of the environment around them. It is often been said that if one wants to get a true feel for the culture of an area they need only spend a weekend in the local hostel.

Hotels are often part of a chain and are more uniform between locations in one place to another. This means that whether you are staying in Shanghai or Walla Walla Washington you can be assured that a hotel of the same brand will more than likely carry the same type of accommodations and amenities, despite location. This is one of the main advantages to a hotel as you are able to know what to expect when planning for your stay. Hotels are perfect for those who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to expect from their accommodations while ahead of time.

As you can see there are significant differences between a hostel and a hotel. While a hostel has its advantages there are of course good reasons to go with a full service hotel. A full service hotel on the other hand may not always be the best choice for someone who is traveling on a budget or who are young and interested in enjoying the experience of traveling merely for traveling sake. In this instance a person may find the hostel is more suited for their needs. No matter if you choose a hostel or a hotel or next vacation accommodations, be assured that with proper planning and forethought either of these choices can provide you with the accommodations you need for a great vacation.

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