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Aug - 05 2013

Near the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso are many places to visit that are in walking distance.  Below are some interesting places to visit that may spark your interest while staying at our hotel.

#GardenHotel#El Paso#History#Culture#Visit#CafeCentral

#GardenHotel#El Paso#Culture#Visit#CafeCentral

The El Paso Holocaust Museum

-Visitors will travel back in time to the Holocaust event through many multimedia and will be presented with a gallery of El Paso’s Holocaust survivors. The museum also has year round guest speakers, educational workshops, and their library is always open. Everything is presented in English and Spanish.  The museum does not charge admission but welcomes donations.

El Paso Museum of Art

-The museum offers different forms of art such as paintings and sculptures. The museum is continuously presenting exhibitions, guest speakers, special events, workshops, art classes and many other activities. The visitors also have the option to schedule a tour.

El Paso Museum of History

-Come and explore the history of El Paso through various indoor and outdoor activities, galleries, arts & crafts workshops, and more. The museum takes you through a tour of the Mexican heritage, The Missions in El Paso, The Neighborhoods and Shared Memories, and the multicultural community El Paso has begun as a border region. The admission is free but for special exhibitions entry fees are required.

Abraham Chavez Theater

-The theater hosts most of the El Paso major concerts, plays and organizations. For example, the theater hosts the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, El Paso Community Concert Association and El Paso Opera Company. The theater is easy to identify due to its distinguishing shape of a sombrero.

Café Central

– At Café Central, the customer can enjoy a nice evening at an elegant restaurant where customer service is beyond the norm.  At this restaurant you will experience the finest culinary recipes.

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