Historic El Paso Hotel

Jan - 31 2014

Historic El Paso Hotel

The El Paso area is rich in history and staying at a historic El Paso hotel makes your journey through time even more memorable! Our city was built upon the wild west theme and there are many great stories that involve gungslingers, outlaws and revolution fighters. Enjoying your stay at a Historic El Paso hotel, you will want to take advantage of the many stories the staff and locals have to share with you. Many southwest legends have stories to tell from their visits in the El Paso area and many buildings throughout the city will stories involving historical figures such as:

 •   John Wesley Hardin, gungslinger, lawyer

•   George Campbell, ex-El Paso Marshall

•   Albert Jennings Fountain, Wild West Indian fighter, politician

•   Pat Garrett, Western law man known for killing Billy The Kid

•   John Wesley Hardin, outlaw and gunfighter in 19th century Texas

•   Gus Krempkau, El Paso County Constable

•   Thomas Calloway Lea, Jr., attorney, judge, Mayor of El Paso (1915–1917)

•   Pascual Orozco, Mexican revolutionary leader

•   George Scarborough, gunfighter, outlaw

•   John Selman, outlaw

•   Dallas Stoudenmire, gunfighter and El Paso, Marshall

•   Pancho Villa, rebel general of the Mexican Revolution

 If you love history and are interested in learning more about all the fascinating stories in this area, then staying at a historic El Paso hotel is the best place to start. There are many cultural events and eateries that truly make the southwest experience come alive! History is all around us, and those who are inquisitive enough to dig around can come up with a wealth of new knowledge that is sure to make any visit in any town an exciting one.

 If you’re looking for a historic El Paso hotel with good rates then you have come to the right place! Enjoy your stay at Gardner Hotel when visiting El Paso. We are located 311 E Franklin Ave El Paso, TX 79901. Our phone number is (915) 532-3661

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