A Glimpse of History at El Paso hotels

Dec - 23 2013

historic-hotel-el-pasoDo you like historical places? Galas, parades and events are too loud for your ears? Do you want to visit a place that is historically rich? If your answer is yes, then El Paso is a right choice for you. With its unique location on the borders of America and Mexico, El Paso is enriched with lots of heritage and it is also historically important.

El Paso has a lot of history in store for its visitors; it was the place to be visited by Europeans. Even the first thanksgiving of America was held here. El Paso is counted among the oldest communities in USA. To get a feel of old historic charm you might book a hotel that has witnessed history itself. Among such historic hotels, many of them treasure much valuable age old furniture, which are now antiques.

Being a major historic hotel, a lot of historic elements are found here like one of them is home to the oldest telephone board in the city. A lot has happened in these hotels, from changes of owners to fire breakouts. It has been the center of many dramatic events as well. Finally after restoration of damaged parts, it continues to hold that old beauty in it.

Apart from elegant looks and historic ambiance these kind of historic hotel offers a lot of great services that are noteworthy. The guests are greeted warmly; the hospitality of the workers is truly commendable. Other than the common services of laundry, butler, cable TV, internet, some exquisite services that one gets here are- game parlor with old antique pool tables, beautiful dining lounges that caters to your taste buds serving mouth-watering dishes, spa and relaxing centers, and much more.

The rooms are divided into different categories, from single rooms to double or family rooms. You can even book dormitory if you have a large family. Suites are also available. If your budget is low, opt for hostel facility. Here a bed will cost comparatively low.

Although if you want a bit of entertainment too, visit San Jacinto plaza. Famous parades, laser light shows, music concerts are held here, and thus the quota of entertainment is fulfilled too. Thus to get an amount both history and present fun come to El Paso.

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