Centralized Hotel in Downtown, El Paso

Apr - 22 2014

It is an exciting time here in the city of El Paso. And most of that excitement is because of the new downtown park that is scheduled to open in late April 2014. Because of this centralized downtown El Paso hotels are becoming that much more valuable.

If you are in town for this sole reason, staying in one of these hotels will certainly play into your favor. The primary reason why regards parking.

The downtown ballpark will seat around 9,500 people. And with that many people going to games on a daily basis, parking is going to be a premium. And if you are staying at a hotel that is not within walking distance of the stadium, then you will have to deal with parking and traffic before and after the game.

But the alternative to this is to stay in a hotel that is located blocks away from the facility. You will not have to worry about these two things. Plus you would also get a chance to take in some of the other sights and sounds the downtown area has to offer.

So if you are considering staying in a hotel in downtown El Paso, consider the Gardner Hotel. Not only will you be staying in downtown El Paso but staying in El Paso’s oldest hotel, which also doubles as hostel.

If you would like to know more about this centralized downtown El Paso hotel, contact the Gardner Hotel. To make a reservation, our phone number is 915.532.3661.

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