Stay at Gardner Hotel When Visiting El Paso,TX

Dec - 14 2013


Unlike other cities in Texas with bright lights, El Paso boats a different feel. It’s located in the state’s western corner along the gleaming shores of the Rio Grande. There are thousands who flock El Paso for business and Leisure each year. It’s indeed a true mishmash of American and Mexican culture. While in El […]

Staying at a Hotel in Downtown El Paso

Dec - 10 2013


Today, downtown El Paso has grown to become the city’s center of economy and a thriving urban population. Money is an important issue to every traveler. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on anything, for instance your accommodation. Some factors such as convenience, safety and access to tourism sites should also be considered. […]

The Pleasures in Staying in a Hotel in Downtown El Paso

Dec - 09 2013


The holiday season is here in the Sun City and that means there will be plenty of events going on throughout town. A majority of the events will be happening in the downtown area. If visiting, staying in the downtown area is perfect for you. In addition, there are many other pleasures in staying in […]

Stay at the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso, TX

Dec - 04 2013


Welcome to our little corner of Texas. Downtown El Paso is definitely the key destination for commerce, culture and tourism in West Texas. This part of city contains some of the city’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. When in El Paso, Stay at the Gardner Hotel in downtown El Paso for a great experience. The […]

El Paso’s Hotel and Hostel in Downtown

Nov - 15 2013


It is El Paso’s oldest operating hotel in the city. It opened back in 1922 by lawyer Preston E. Gardner and has been run by a handful of owners, including being handed down family lies. There is some history that goes with it as well. Banker robber John Dillinger stayed at the hotel back in […]

Gardner Hotel near Downtown El Paso

Oct - 22 2013


The Gardner Hotel is located in an expanding area of the city…downtown El Paso. Back in 2000, the city had a population over 550,000. Fast forward about 13 years; the population is starting to get within reaching distance of 700,000. And with the population growing that much over a decade, the city is making an […]

History and Culture!

Aug - 05 2013


Near the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso are many places to visit that are in walking distance.  Below are some interesting places to visit that may spark your interest while staying at our hotel. The El Paso Holocaust Museum -Visitors will travel back in time to the Holocaust event through many multimedia and will […]

5 Things To Do When You Arrive In Any New City | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Jun - 21 2013


What’s the first thing you do when you get to your vacation destination? Go out for a celebratory drink? Unpack? Take a nap? While all of those are good ideas, they’re not at the very top of my list of things to do when I arrive in a new city. Here are five things I […]

The Gardner Hotel History Part 2 | Historical Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Jun - 14 2013


The current owner, Joe Nebhan (son of John Nebhan), began working odd jobs around the hotel when he was 8. He took over management of the hotel in 1981 and soon realized that the Gardner could not continue operating as a retirement hotel and so he began to operate the El Paso hotel as an […]

The Gardner Hotel History | Historical Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Jun - 07 2013


Stepping inside the lobby of the Gardner Hotel and El Paso International Hostel, guests are transported from busy Downtown streets to a place that is reminiscent of another era. Its marble staircase leads to rooms that have seen countless guests. The hotel was opened in 1922 by Preston E. Gardner, a lawyer who in 1923 […]