The Gardner Hotel History Part 2 | Historical Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Jun - 14 2013


The current owner, Joe Nebhan (son of John Nebhan), began working odd jobs around the hotel when he was 8. He took over management of the hotel in 1981 and soon realized that the Gardner could not continue operating as a retirement hotel and so he began to operate the El Paso hotel as an […]

The Gardner Hotel History | Historical Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Jun - 07 2013


Stepping inside the lobby of the Gardner Hotel and El Paso International Hostel, guests are transported from busy Downtown streets to a place that is reminiscent of another era. Its marble staircase leads to rooms that have seen countless guests. The hotel was opened in 1922 by Preston E. Gardner, a lawyer who in 1923 […]

Top Hotel Safety Tips | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

May - 28 2013


Staying in a hotel is part of a mobile professionals way of life. Having your mobile gear stolen while staying in a hotel, is not an event you’d like to have happen. Protect yourself and your mobile gear with these steps to ensure safety. You are responsible for your mobile gear at all times – […]

Staying in a Hotel with a Baby | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

May - 21 2013


Before your stay Reserve the big room!  I know it probably costs a bit more, but we found that having a bigger room was a life saver.  We asked for a King Study (title probably varies from hotel to hotel), which got us a King size bed and a couch/chair area.  Baby boy’s pack n’ […]

11 Tips and Tricks for Greening your Hotel Stay | Gardner Historic Hotel | El Paso, Tx

May - 14 2013


  Let’s face it, as much as we love camping, hostels, and Eco-lodges sometimes a hotel is the most reasonable option. Luckily, even when staying at the least environmentally-friendly hotel you have a lot of control over your environmental impact. Here are 11 of our favorite tips and tricks for being a little friendlier to […]

What to Pack for an Adult Going to a Hotel | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

May - 07 2013


    Even the most luxurious hotel suite won’t feel like home, but the contents of your suitcase can make your hotel stay as comfortable as possible. You’ll need some basics, of course, but tucking a few personal touches into your luggage can make your stay more pleasant. Once you’ve counted all the flowers on […]

Foods to Pack for a Hotel Trip With Kids

Apr - 26 2013


Packing food to take to your hotel not only cuts down on travel expenses, it saves your kids from being subjected to the onslaught of fast food that families often consume while on vacation. For added convenience, some hotels include mini-refrigerators and microwaves in each room or available for rent. If you have space, pack […]

6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay More Comfortable | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Apr - 19 2013


Staying at a hotel can be an amazing experience. Hotels of today offer guests every amenity under the sun. Many of these amenities are offered at no charge. With all of the items offered to you by hotels, it can be surprising when you find that you’re missing the creature comforts of home. Before you […]

Hotel Room Safety Tips | Gardner Hotel | El Paso, Tx

Apr - 12 2013


Stay safe and protect your valuables in and around your hotel room.   Worried about protecting yourself from dangerous strangers while traveling? Concerned about protecting your valuables from theft while staying in a hotel room? Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.   To protect yourself:   Keep the door to your room […]

The Gardner Hotel in El Paso, Tx | What The Gardner Hotel Offers

Apr - 05 2013


  The Gardner Hotel offers all the amenities all world class hostels offer. We are open 24/7. We have a variety of hotel rooms including family rooms. The Gardner Hotel has a unique sense of old world charm and the western frontier. The reception is lavishly decorated with well-maintained memorabilia dating back to the 1930s. […]