Central Downtown Hotel, El Paso, TX

Apr - 09 2014


When people come to stay for business, they will look for a hotel near downtown El Paso. The reason why people do this is because of the area is located in. Downtown El Paso is central to everything and many companies conduct their business in the area. But there are some other reasons why people […]

Hotel in Downtown El Paso

Apr - 01 2014


One of the many hotels in downtown El Paso is the Gardner Hotel. This hotel is located in the middle of the arts and cultural center of the city. Visitors who stay in this hotel will be within walking distance of some of El Paso’s popular museums. The El Paso Museum of Art features over […]

The Old Downtown El Paso Hotel

Mar - 25 2014


One of the charms of the city of El Paso, TX is that people visiting have the opportunity to stay in one of the old historic hotels in El Paso. Staying in one of these hotels not only shows off the uniqueness of the city but the history as well. It gives people a brief […]

Downtown El Paso Hotel

Mar - 18 2014


Downtown El Paso hotels are a very popular place for visitors to stay at during the year. Whether it is because they are in town for business or are here attending some annual event, you can be sure to find a quality hotel in the area. However you have to watch out for the hotels […]

The Old Historic Hotel of El Paso

Mar - 04 2014


The old historic hotel of El Paso is known as the Gardner Hotel. This hotel is much different from the other hotels that you will see in the city. But just because this is known as the old historic hotel of El Paso that does not mean it is not up to date with the […]

Unique Stay in Downtown El Paso

Feb - 18 2014


One of the great things about staying at the Gardner Hotel located in downtown El Paso is the unique staying experience you will get. We can and we are sure that you will say the same thing once you are here that there is no hotel like this anywhere else. One of the reasons why […]

Hotels near Downtown El Paso

Feb - 14 2014


There are several hotels near downtown El Paso that it can sometimes be a little difficult to choose the right one for your stay. If you are having trouble finding the right hotel near downtown El Paso, consider following these tips to help you out. One thing to consider when looking for a hotel near […]

Historic El Paso Hotel

Jan - 31 2014


Historic El Paso Hotel The El Paso area is rich in history and staying at a historic El Paso hotel makes your journey through time even more memorable! Our city was built upon the wild west theme and there are many great stories that involve gungslingers, outlaws and revolution fighters. Enjoying your stay at a […]

El Paso Downtown Hotel: Convenient Option

Jan - 22 2014


If you are looking for a place to stay in the El Paso area, then I recommend the downtown. You can enjoy being close to our sister city Juarez, Mexico while enjoying the variety of options in El Paso from your downtown hotel. Downtown is growing and becoming a place that flourishes with new businesses […]

Hotels Near Downtown El Paso, Tx

Jan - 15 2014


While there are many hotels near downtown El Paso, you may want to get the most out of your downtown El Paso experience by choosing a hotel that is rich with history. The Gardner Hotel is the oldest continually operating hotel and hostel in the city of El Paso, Texas, it is located near Downtown. […]