Why Stay at a Hotel in Downtown El Paso

Jan - 06 2015


Whether for business or pleasure, there is no better way to enjoy your stay than staying in at a hotel in downtown El Paso. This is especially true right now that our downtown has more attractions and things to do than ever. Click here to read more: http://goo.gl/VMVFVK

Looking for a Hotel or Hostel in El Paso?

Dec - 31 2014


When you need a vacation, you’ll feel the burning desire to book a ticket and escape will become unavoidable. Sometimes, it can be just as fun to backpack and take the more economic route in staying at a hostel rather than a hotel. While there are many hotels, there are not so many hostels in […]

Lodging in Downtown El Paso

Dec - 15 2014


The downtown area is known as the heart of every city and finding lodging in downtown El Paso is a great option if you want to stay where the action is. Click here to read more: https://plus.google.com/b/111222681328329874477/+GardnerHotelElPaso/posts/Qo2PA761sXb

Come Stay at the Oldest Hotel in El Paso

Dec - 03 2014


Travelling through the desert Southwest? Looking for a historic place to make your stay? Then why not choose the oldest hotel in El Paso! Click here to read more: https://plus.google.com/b/111222681328329874477/+GardnerHotelElPaso/posts/SWE3h6PZD7t  

Downtown El Paso Hostel Perfect for International Travelers

Nov - 26 2014


When you want to see the world but on a budget, you’ll need to make sure that you are able to spread out your expenses to last you your entire journey — or at least close to. Our city welcomes many foreign travelers and thankfully, there is a downtown El Paso hostel waiting just for […]

Enjoy a Safe Stay at a Hostel in El Paso

Nov - 18 2014


Rugged travelling does not mean that you have to sleep on the couch or floor of some stranger’s house. There are safer ways to travel on a budget and staying in a hostel El Paso has to offer right in the heart of downtown is a great alternative. Click here to read more: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111222681328329874477/+GardnerHotelElPaso/posts/9iZCT99zBKQ  

A Truly Historic Hotel in El Paso

Nov - 07 2014


There are several things that set El Paso’s Gardner Hotel apart from other downtown hotels. For one, the Gardner is a truly a historic hotel. Click here to read more: https://plus.google.com/b/111222681328329874477/+GardnerHotelElPaso/posts/iHBTiLx7uW7  

Welcome USBC Open Championships attendees!

Oct - 24 2014


Are you attending the USBC Open Championships in El Paso next year? Get a great room for a great price with the Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso! If you would like to know more about hotels near downtown El Paso or this hotel in general, contact us here at the Gardner Hotel. We are […]

Downtown El Paso Hotel Attractions

Sep - 24 2014


Downtown El Paso Attractions Getting to know a new city that you’re visiting begins in the heart of every downtown center. El Paso is no exception; there are plenty of historical and modern attractions that draw in a countless amount of visitors each year. What’s more is making your stay at the most historic hotel […]

Staying in Downtown, El Paso

Sep - 16 2014


So you’re headed to El Paso.  Maybe it’s a work trip or maybe you’re just intent on exploring the famous border city and its unique offerings.  Or, perhaps you’re a student and planning on backpacking through El Paso and into Juarez. Whatever occasion brings you to our city, you’re going to need to find a […]