The Convenience of Staying at a Hotel in Downtown El Paso TX

Mar - 31 2015


Staying at a hotel in downtown El Paso TX is a great choice when you are in town for a special event.  El Paso always has great events happening in the downtown area and for those who live outside of the city, renting a room in a great downtown location is the best way to experience both the event […]

When Considering Old Hotels In El Paso, Think Gardner Hotel

Mar - 24 2015


Old hotels in El Paso can offer travelers a small glimpse of what life was like decades ago. The oldest section of the Sun City is downtown, and that is also the home of the oldest hotel in El Paso, the Gardner Hotel. Click here to read more:  

For a Taste of the Old West, Stay at Oldest Hotel in El Paso

Mar - 17 2015


If you are interested in ghost tours and the wild west, staying at the oldest hotel in El Paso is going to be a real treat for you. Conveniently located in downtown El Paso, The Gardner Hotel is the oldest continually-operating hotel/hostel in the area. Click here to read more:

Why Find Lodging in Downtown El Paso?

Mar - 11 2015


For those looking to take small trips to Mexico, finding lodging in downtown El Paso will offer the perfect opportunity to stay somewhere fun, affordable and that allows them to easily cross the border. However, finding lodging in downtown El Paso can offer many benefits other than the ability to head into Mexico. Click here […]

Love Your Stay at a Downtown El Paso Hostel

Mar - 03 2015


A downtown El Paso hostel can offer a very simple way for people to stay in El Paso.  A hostel is basically a room that people can share which can offer an experience that is unlike anything they will ever experience in a typical hotel room. Click here to read more:  

The Advantages of Staying at Old El Paso Hotels

Feb - 25 2015


Old El Paso hotels can be quite valuable to those who need to call El Paso home for a short period of time. After all, there are many reasons why people need a hotel room, and a vacation is not necessarily always the case. Click here to read more:

Hotels Near Downtown El Paso: Stay in the Middle of the Action

Feb - 17 2015


Want to get a real taste of the Sun City and looking for hotels near downtown El Paso? Visit Gardner Hotel – a historic monument and destination for tourists near and far. A stay at Gardner Hotel grants you the genuine experience that allows you to explore everything else that El Paso has to offer […]

Staying at a Hotel vs. a Hostel in El Paso

Feb - 10 2015


If you have visited the city of El Paso, then you know about the various hotels that located all over the city. But what you probably did not know was that there is actually a hostel in El Paso located in the heart of downtown. Click here to read more:  

For a Real Taste of the City, Stay at an Old Hotel in El Paso

Feb - 03 2015


Dating back to 1922, Gardner Hotel is not only an old hotel in El Paso, but the oldest hotel and hostel in the city. The Gardner Hotel has a boutique and quaint style and is near downtown, conveniently situated near downtown events and nightlife. Click here to read more:

Stay at a Historic Hotel in El Paso, Stay at The Gardner

Jan - 27 2015


Established in 1922, the Gardner Hotel is the most historic hotel in El Paso and a popular historic tourist destination. The Gardner Hotel has a unique history, boutique style and quaint welcome upon your arrival. The Gardner is near downtown and is noted for being a destination in itself for visitors. Click here to read […]